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Floral Care

Taking Care of Paper Blooms

Floral Care: FAQ

What do you use to make your flowers?

My creations are predominantly made using Italian crepe paper, wire and glue. At times, I do colour my creations using mediums like paint and pastels from PanPastel too. To set the pastels, I use a fixative spray on top of it.

How does one take care of crepe paper flowers?

Crepe paper blooms are the complete opposite of real flowers. Always avoid direct sunlight and moisture. Dust when necessary.

Even with proper care taken, it is inevitable that crepe paper blooms do eventually fade with time. Nonetheless, the subtle changes and new colours they take on add to their character.  

How long do crepe paper flowers last for?

Much longer than fresh ones! While they do not last forever, they can be enjoyed indefinitely, for years even, if proper care is taken.

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