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Want some gorgeous crepe paper flowers to adorn your space?

After a gift for a special someone?

These bouquets will rise to the occasion and are stunning wrapped or displayed in a vase. 

Completed bouquets come beautifully wrapped.

Simple packaging is also available, if you would like your bouquet to be prepped for arrangement in a vase.

Because each bloom is handmade to order, blooms will not completely match the pictures found here.

Just like how no two flowers are ever the same in nature.

Please allow 2-3 weeks of creation time. 

All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

Email me at to place your order.

Joyful Posy

$150 (excluding delivery)
Looking to bring some joy? This charming posy will certainly delight its recipient. Comprising of poppies, thistles, green trick dianthus and billy buttons, this posy’s vibrant colours will put a smile on any face. This posy can also be made into a Letter Frame ($180).

White Lilies Bouquet


A bouquet comprising of three stalks of fully bloomed lilies and two stalks with semi-opened buds. This bouquet will add a touch of elegance to any table or room.

Bouquets: Inspiration
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