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Valentine's Day 2023

Demonstrate your love this Valentines Day with flowers. Handmade crepe paper flowers.

The following are lovely options or you may want to consider Individual Blooms or a specially customized piece.

Just drop me an email and we can discuss further. 

Because each bloom is handmade to order, blooms will not completely match the pictures found here.

Just like how no two flowers are ever the same in nature.

Please allow 2 weeks of creation time. 

All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

Email me at to place your order.

Endearing Love Bouquet

$140 (excluding delivery)
This romantic bouquet comprises of three Juliet roses, a stalk of luscious sweet peas, hydrangea florets and eucalyptus leaves. This bouquet, with its soft, vintage colour palette and gorgeous blooms is sure to set one’s heart pit-a-pat.
Bouquet comes wrapped with paper and ribbon.
Juliet rose’s diameter: approximately 11cm

Enchantment Glass Cloches

$60 each (excluding delivery)
Within each of these glass cloches is a single stalk of flower, made with the utmost attention to detail. The glass cloche is not sealed, allowing you to place within it a love note.
Select from either a stalk of sunflower or a stalk of Juliet rose for your beloved.
Glass cloche measures: 8x15cm
Each purchased cloche comes in a paper bag, without a box.

Valentine's Day 2023: Inspiration
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