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Christmas 2023

As families and loved ones gather this festive season, let us celebrate the ties we share, give thanks for all we have and anticipate what is to come. Wishing you the merriest of Christmas.

Because each bloom is handmade to order, blooms will not completely match the pictures found here.

Just like how no two flowers are ever the same in nature.

Please place your order by 30 November 2023 to allow for completion of flowers by 10 December 2023. 

All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

Email me at to place your order.

White Christmas Hoop

$90 (excluding delivery)

An elegant hoop filled with white pine leaves, berries and pinecones.

The pops of red throughout this hoop is the perfect nod to the festive season!

This hoop measures approximately 25cm in diameter

White Christmas

Greetings Christmas Hoop

$90 (excluding delivery)

Filled with magnolia leaves, this charming hoop is perfect for ushering in Christmas. Enjoy the beauty of simplicity with touches of gold and bronze.

This hoop measure 25cm (diameter)


Good Cheer Christmas Floral Arrangement

$130 (excluding delivery)

A gorgeous front facing arrangement to welcome Christmas with. Consisting of a red poinsettia, butterfly ranunculus, pinecones, pine leaves, twig and hollies, these botanicals come in a black vase and are finished with a beautiful gold ribbon.

Vase is approximately 8cm in diameter

Good Cheer

Customised Letter Frame

Price for these frames start from $100 (excluding delivery)

These frames can be customised with any twig letter of your choice. Placed in a shadow box, this is a perfect gift or décor item. Flowers that adorn each twig letter can also be customized. Price of each frame vary, according to the botanicals selected.  

Just drop me a note and we can take it from there.

Shadow box measures 25x25 cm

The price of the twig letter "P" seen in photo is $130

Joyful Letter Frame
Christmas 2023: Inspiration
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